About the RC=106 and RCODE=0085 in the RG008 message.
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About the RC=106 and RCODE=0085 in the RG008 message.


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RC/Update for DB2 for z/OS


In the main menu of the RC/Upadate, if the ssid value in the "DB2 SSID" field is deleted and enter is pressed, the ssid list panel is displayed. In that case, if no SSID is selected in the ssid list panel and <PF3> is pressed to return to the previous panel, the following RG008 message appears. 

e RG008 RC=106, RCODE=0085 DB2 SSID      is not defined in the CA-DB2 PARMLIB. e

If <PF1> is pressed to display the detailed information for the RG008 message, the following is displayed.

 RUPM 20.0   ------------- RC/Update Main Menu ------------ yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss
e -------------------------- Error Message RG008 -------------------------- e
e Command ===>                                                              e
e                                                                           e
e RG008E - RC=<return-code>,<reason-code> <Message-details>                 e
e                                                                           e
e Reason:                                                                  e
e   An unexpected response occurred during initialization of a service or   e
e   when DB2 was trying to connect or disconnect.                           e
e                                                                           e
e Action:                                                                   e
e   Consult the IBM DB2 Messages and Codes manual for information that      e
e   can help you address DB2 connection issues.                             e
e                                                                           e
e   If the problem persists, contact CA Technical Support. Provide return   e
e   codes, reason codes, the message text, and a description of what        e
e   function is being attempted when the message appears.                   e
e                                                                           e
e                                                                           e

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However, "RC=106 and "RCODE=0085" information can not be identified in the DB2 Message and Code. Where can the "RC=106" and "RCODE=0085" information be acquired?


Release : 20.0

Component : RC/Update for DB2 for z/OS


The return code 106 and reason code x'85' are actually internal codes. The RG008 error message can return a variety of codes, however in this particular case these are internal. ERR106 is issued by our Call Attach facility when it is unable to find the specified SSID or if it is left blank. The text that is included with the message specifically explains the problem, so in this case, there is no need to check the IBM documentation.