How to montior and test SiteMinder ACO cache
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How to montior and test SiteMinder ACO cache


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CA API Gateway


Layer7 API Gateway register as an agent for SiteMinder and holds some agent configuration values. Could you please let me know:

1. Where is ACO cache located? 

2. How do we monitor its usage and do performance testing for size and age of this cache?



Release : 10.1

Component :


The SSO SDK cache is store in the JVM of the gateway under class:

Logging can be turned up to monitor/test SSO ACO cache 

Can you turn log level to FINE - for SSO 

Two thinks to get FINE 

1, Policy Manager Tasks -> Logging and Auditing -> Manage Log/Audit Sinks

Click SSG -> Properties -> Severity Threshold change to FINE

  1. Cluster wide property Add/change Log.level value  

com.l7tech.level = CONFIG = FINE

Log the initialization of the cache: logs the size, age ….

2022-01-24T21:43:58.181+0000 FINE    171 Initialized new cache: Key{configGoid=f3ea6550053d067ad3d8a582b67f1e1c, agentName='apim-gw_agent'}, resourceCache: size 10, max age 300000; authenticationCache: size 10, max age 3600000; authorizationCache: size 10, max age 3600000; acoCache: size 10, max age 300000

Isprotect call when a resource is first access with a cache miss:

2022-01-24T21:43:58.183+0000 FINE    171 SiteMinder Resource - cache missed

Same repeated cal resource found in cache:

2022-01-24T21:44:04.058+0000 FINE    177 Found resource cache entry: ResourceCacheKey{resource='/validate1', action='GET', serverName='}

Authentication cache miss:

2022-01-24T21:44:04.129+0000 FINE    177 SiteMinder Authorization - cache missed

Repeated authentication found in cache:

2022-01-24T21:44:10.914+0000 FINE    182 Found SiteMinder Authentication cache entry: AuthenticationCacheKey{sessionId='0yx5auX9vyparD9FN6nxs9MCwFY=', realmOid='06-000615a7-370a-1bdc-b5a2-18ae0aa20000'}

Authorization cache 

2022-01-24T21:44:10.916+0000 FINE    182 Found SiteMinder Authorization cache entry: AuthorizationCacheKey{sessionId='0yx5auX9vyparD9FN6nxs9MCwFY=', resource='/validate1', action='GET'}