Bug in Evaluate JSON Path Expression
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Bug in Evaluate JSON Path Expression


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CA API Gateway


We are getting the JSON data from an external provider in this format:

    "locationName": null,

The evaluation fails with this value being all lower case.

If I test by making the payload "Null" it works

Having it in quotes work as well


Release : 10.0

Component :


1. The behavior of Evaluate JSON Path Expression assertion when it fails to parse { "locationName": null } is a bug but it can't be fixed because that assertion uses outdated library. Customer should migrate to  Evaluate JSON Path Expression V2 assertion.

2. JSON is case-sensitive and null value is expected to be in lower case: https://www.json.org/json-en.html
So please make sure your 3rd party service is compliant with the JSON standard. Gateway is working as expected according to the JSON specification.