Admin quickly being logout soon after logging in to SSL visibility
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Admin quickly being logout soon after logging in to SSL visibility


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software Management Center Symantec


  • Using a browser, user "admin" is logged out soon after logging in to SSL visibility.  
  • SSL visibility is being managed by Management Center. MC is using the same "admin" credentials 
  • Logging back into SSL visibility would result in the same behavior, which is not enough time to review/change settings.
  • There are no other credentials or fall backset on SSL Visibility other than local "admin"


SSL Visibility ( 4.8.x or lower) being managed by Management Center  (3.2.x or lower)


Admin recently set Maximum Concurrent Logins Per User to 1 (one) in SSL visibility. This would cause a log out of a previous user session that uses the same credentials.  

  Note: By default, Management Center collects information (health checks) from all activated manage devices every 10 seconds. This setting is globally configured.  


Temporarily deactivate said SSL Visibility on Management Center. 

MC UI > Network > Right click on SSL Visibility device in question > "Change Monitoring Status" > Choose "Deactivate Devices" > Run Now


This should free up the session that would give "admin" ability to manage SSL Visibility via browser to change necessary settings.   



Additional Information

Note: To continue monitoring said SSL Visibility in Management Center, you will need to Reactivate (Activate) it back in Management Center once the issue is corrected.