Starting and stopping a virtual service with APIs
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Starting and stopping a virtual service with APIs


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Service Virtualization


I’m currently building a "start-stop" API calls for a virtual service. This script has three calls: retrieve the security token, starting the virtual service and stopping the virtual service using the token. I can retrieve the security token, but I’m unable to start the virtual service. I'm looking for the correct syntax. Right now, I'm getting a 404 error.





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That is a mix of the undocumented portal API calls and the CA Lisa Invoke 2.0 (old API) I recommend that they base64 encode the userName:passWord and pass the Authorization header like this "Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4=" So you do not need the Authenticate step (I think that Bearer Token Authorization is no longer working since we have IAM) So they just use the start and stop steps with Basic Auth.

The Portal APIs are not documented and therefore not supported (they can be changed without notice). Currently the Supported APIs are in the documentation.  As you might have guessed, this is so we can change the undocumented APIs to match our needs to service the greater good without having to guarantee backward compatibility.