Unable to get IPtables working after image restore
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Unable to get IPtables working after image restore


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in our performance testing environment, we tried to restore the L7 appliance from a VM backup, which did not work successfully.

We then tried to restore the VM by using an image taken with ssg restore.  But we saw that iptables was not enabled. 

When we enable iptables, we lose all network connectivity to the appliance and then it's only available from VM console. 

Since our Prod environment does have iptables enabled, we need this to function.



Release : 10.0

Component :


iptables was not enabled at when re-imaging, incomplete info was copied to the iptables new file


1. copy a default iptables file from working env , folder /etc/sysconfig/
2. rename the current iptables file on the problematic server.
3. copy and paste the fresh iptables file on that folder.(/etc/sysconfig/iptables) on the non working server.
4. reboot the server from ssg menu "R"