Newly published Gen PTFs no longer have <SOLUTION#>.txt file
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Newly published Gen PTFs no longer have <SOLUTION#>.txt file


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Noticed when downloading recent Gen 8.6 PTFs that a separate solution document (.txt file) is not downloaded with the solution any more.
Has there been some change?


Release : 8.6

Component : Gen General Misc. Questions


There is no longer a separate <SOLUTION#>.txt file in the list of files on the SOLUTION page which is why it is not being downloaded.
The lack of a separate <SOLUTION#>.txt  file delivered with the actual PTF binary file has been the case for more recent published PTFs. The loss of that file is related to an internal change in the PTF publication process in March 2021.
The information on the SOLUTION/PTF page is effectively what would have gone into the <SOLUTION#>.txt  file so manually saving off the page contents to a .txt file (copy/paste) or printing the page as a .pdf file are the only current options.

The loss of the <SOLUTION#>.txt  file is most significant if wanting to add many Solutions to the cart at the same time from one of the Gen Product Information Solutions pages like:

rather than in piecemeal fashion from the CA Gen 8.6 Solutions & Patches page, because of the need to go into each separate PTF page and save the contents.

NOTE: Engineering has restored the creation of the <SOLUTION#>.txt file for new PTFs from Gen 8.6.3 Consolidation PTFs (XXX86300) onwards.