MSP ETC Hours zeroing out for future tasks
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MSP ETC Hours zeroing out for future tasks


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ETC (Remaining Work) hours are going to 0 on all future tasks in a Project. This seems to be related to Microsoft Project (MSP). Additionally, when reviewing the audit trail for the assignments impacted, you see that the Start and Finish dates of the assignments are blank even though Clarity does not allow blank assignment dates. The blank assignment dates seem to be what is causing the hours to drop. The blank dates are shown in the update section of the audit trail, not deletion. This issue happens intermittently, and it appears to happen after a save back from MSP. This issue happens multiple times on the same assignment, but it’s unknown what is causing it to happen. From September 2021 to February 2022 timeframe, this issue has been seen 107 times now based on audit review for one particular project. It happens on multiple projects. 


Release : 15.9.1

Component : Microsoft Project (MSP)


This is under review as DE64048

The one workaround is to manually add the ETC hours back.