Clarification of Parameter Changes in ConfigFile.cfg for 14.0 Web Viewer
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Clarification of Parameter Changes in ConfigFile.cfg for 14.0 Web Viewer


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Output Management Web Viewer


I am little confused with the structure of the ConfigFile.cfg, Please clarify below -

1. The file has this line                               - DBLOCATION = "tcp://<host>:<port>/<fully-qualified-uss-location>";
    The entire line should be replaced with - DB_JDBC_URL = "jdbc:h2:<fully-qualified-uss-path>/<database-name>"; ?

Database name should be within the USS directories which we used for Web Viewer deploy? If not, does it require separate ZFS file to be created and mounted for the space it requires?

2. As mentioned before about table name parameters in the Database section, I don't find REPOGROUPTABLE and EXPORTRULESTABLE in ConfigFile.cfg, I could see them mentioned in manual as well, but I don't have it in the default file. Must these be mentioned explicitly?




Release : 14.0

Component : Output Management Web Viewer


The DBLOCATION parameter was replaced by the DB_JDBC_URL as long as you are running web Viewer 14.0.2 Build 14.0.22 or higher.  The DBLOCATION parameter only supported the H2 database while the DB_JDBC_URL parameter supports both H2 and DB2. For an H2 database, the DBLOCATION parameter will still be accepted but will be internally converted to the DB_JDBC_URL format.

1. The H2 database can be anywhere in USS. However, a number of customers created a Database directory under CAWVHOME or under their CCS Tomcat deployment.

2. The REPOGROUPTABLE and EXPORTRULESTABLE can be allowed to default.