Agent startup message
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Agent startup message


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


After upgrading to 9.4.0_HF1 following message is appearing when Applications Manager is started:

$ startso all
   Initializing JCE: AES 256
   Data decrypted Initialized JCE
   JCE Initialized successfully 1331
   [main] INFO - No detected/configured IoServiceFactoryFactory using Nio2ServiceFactoryFactory
   Connected to 12.3.456.789 on port 10000
  starting agentservice
    startup complete for agentservice
  scanning log file
   Wed Jan 19 14:47:01 EST 2022 AgentService starting
   Initializing JCE: AES 256
   Data decrypted Initialized JCE
   JCE Initialized successfully 1428
   Applications Manager Agent Service
   Copyright (C) 1999-2014 Automic Software Gmbh. All Rights Reserved.
   Release: v9.4.0_HF1_29529_29536  Build: 29536 Thu Dec 16 16:52:47 PST 2021
   6.5.4+build.1  2020-10-12 16:09

   Java VM: Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 1.8.0_201

   Wed Jan 19 14:47:02 EST 2022

   agentservice.lock file is /usr/sqloper/status/agentservice.lock
   AgentService pid is 29032460
  waiting for java awapi to start
    startup complete for java awapi
startso done


What is this message about or is it indicating any problem?


Release: 9.40

Component: CA Automic Applications Manager


 It is just a cosmetic message which Its related to the SSH server which starts on each remote agent. It is not indicating any problem.