T55V219 with an old build number on "amagentsvc.exe"
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T55V219 with an old build number on "amagentsvc.exe"


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It was found that fix T55V219 comes with an old build number on amagentsvc.exe compared to the same file that comes with an OOTB installation.

Here is what the file looks like in the fix:

and here is how this file looks like in a default 14.5 installation with no patches:

This can cause that after deploying the patch using a SD package, the job ends successfully, but the patch is no correctly applied because the file was not replaced:


Client Automation - 14.5


At the moment this article was written (January 2022) development team confirmed they are going to internally review this patch with more details.

The recommended way to avoid this is to directly apply CU1 on top of 14.5, which comes with this fix already:

Test Fixes - 14.5 CU1

Additional Information

Another way to proceed, but less recommended, would be to delete "amagentsvc.exe" before deploying the patch on target machine and then deploy the SD job. This way the file will be copied to the target machine successfully.