Utility to produce a cross reference of LMPKEY and Product Description
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Utility to produce a cross reference of LMPKEY and Product Description


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I found the LMP list here on the Broadcom Support Portal and I ran a CAIRIMU UTILITY

CAIRIMU produces this output for my products but I was looking for an actual list of the product description too.

The LMP listing table might be more useful if it were searchable.

Do you have such a utility or can tell me how to create an LMP output of my site products with a description xref?


Release : 15.0
Component : Resource Initialization Manager(Comm)


There is no such utility currently delivered with Common Services (CCS) that does what you are looking for.

The only table we have that correlates the 2-digit LMPcode with a Broadcom Product Name is the table already identified on the https://support.broadcom.com/web/ecx/support-content-notification/-/external/content/release-announcements/LMP-Listing/18256

Outside of CCS, there is currently an option for SYSVIEW customers to obtain LMP related information. The SYSVIEW product provides a CAILMP command (or menu selection) that will return the LMP codes along with a product name.

The LMP list provided on the Broadcom Support Portal is searchable. Try using the browser search option (cntrl-F) to find items in the table.