Agent inventory refresh interval
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Agent inventory refresh interval


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Autosys Workload Automation


We are running Autosys version 12.0.01 

Would you please let me know how does the agent  inventory collect data - does it contact every agent to get status/ queries the database?

What is the frequency/ interval that it scans to updated the inventory?

What is refresh time(delta) and refresh time (full) ?


Release : 12.0

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The default refresh rates for the Agent Inventory are:
Refresh Time(Delta) 1min
Refresh Time(Full)  5min

The Web UI (WCC) is requesting the agent details from the AutoSys WebServer.
The AutoSys WebServer is getting the status/details from the AutoSys database.
The AutoSys scheduler is responsible for getting the agent status and details and writing them to the database.

More information can be found on these documentation pages: