Agent unix sending mail attachment does not work SNDMAIL2
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Agent unix sending mail attachment does not work SNDMAIL2


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Trying to send an email with the SEND_MAIL script fonction as follows does not work for the Unix Agent 21.0

Example a command that can be used to reproduce the problem; 

:PSET &T# = SEND_MAIL([email protected],,'TEST','Hello mail',,MUNTEST00888,SYSTEM.LOGIN.MAIL)

In the agent logs following message can be found :



MAIN-THREAD      20211229/130514.076 process_message: 'UCEXVAR' rcv 'SNDMAIL2' frm *SERVER c-acv = 000F522A
MAIN-THREAD      20211229/130514.076 MessageType(SNDMAIL2) is not known for Module(UCEXVAR) 




Component : Unix/Linux Agent

Release : 21.0 

Release : 12.3.7 


This is a bug of the Unix/Linux agent 21.0.0


This problem is a known bug of the unix/linux Agent . 

This bug is fixed in the Unix/Linux Agent 21.0.2 that is scheduled to be delivered end January 2022.

Upgrading the Agent to this service pack will fixed the issue.