Sql Statement -> High CPU Performance - My Catalog shows wrong data on activity widget
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Sql Statement -> High CPU Performance - My Catalog shows wrong data on activity widget


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CA Automic One Automation


When the user clicks on the 'My Catalog' widget, the response time is extremely long and a similar message sequence may appear in the trace files:


20211029/104759.497 - U00029131 UCUDB - List of bind parameters:
20211029/104759.497 - U00029132 UCUDB: 'AH_USR_Idnr        = 1078054'
20211029/104759.497 - U00029132 UCUDB: 'AH_TimeStamp1      = 2021-9-28 0:0:0.0'
20211029/104759.497 - U00003525 UCUDB: ===> 'Select AH.*, OTYP_Caption from AH, UC_OTYP where AH_OType = OTYP_Type and OTYP_Executable = 1   and ah_parentact in (select ah_idnr from ah where ah_oh_idnr = ? and ah_timestamp1 >= ?) and not ah_timestamp4 is null   order by AH_TimeStamp1 desc'
20211029/104759.509 - U00003434 Server routine  'UCDS_R/getacthistory' required '1' minutes and '3,450' seconds for processing.
20211029/104759.509 -          <uc-env clientVersion="21.0.0+hf.1.build.24" request="null_43" session="0000000720221046" useridnr="0001078054"><request idnr="" maxCount="100" maxDays="31" name="getacthistory" src="ah"/>...



Release : 21.0 Component : AUTOMATION ENGINE


This is a bug of AE 21.0.0/ AE 21.0.0 HF1 due to a wrong status definition in the database query. 

The filter in the user catalog did not filter correctly. Stopped activities were shown on filtering "Active Only" which was wrong. And activities in status "Sleeping" were shown on filtering "Waiting only". 


This was corrected. It was corrected to fulfill this definition determined by the management.

This problem has been fixed. The fix will be available in 

AE/AWI 21.0.3 - delivery scheduled for end of May 2022.

AE/AWI 22.0.0 - delivery scheduled for end of June 2022.