Configuration Item Causing Delayed Server Response
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Configuration Item Causing Delayed Server Response


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


We've got an issue where one specific Configuration Item when searched for or chosen is causing a Delayed Server Response. I am unable to work with the record, any ideas?

Also stdlog does not show any error message except repeats the same delay server response message.


Release : 17.3

Component : Service Desk


Most likely some data/related data items are missing for the specific CI

Open the DBMS query monitor(for example, Profiler for SQL database) and you will see error messages in mdb.

For example, the corresponding owned_resource_uuid row in usp_owned_resource table is missing, then you will see delay server response message when access the CI on SDM web interface. Once this is checked and confirmed, there are two options:

1. if this problematic CI is a new CI not used in other objects yet, you can simply deactivate it(either from web interface or in mdb ca_owned_resource table) and then create a new one

2. if this problematic CI has been used in many other objects, you can create a brand new CI that has everything of the problematic CI and in mdb change the CI owned_resource_uuid number to the problematic CI's(which will make up the missing link) and then deactivate the new CI, either from web interface or from backend mdb ca_owned_resource table