UIM Dashboard Designer: modify existing custom data source
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UIM Dashboard Designer: modify existing custom data source


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In some of our Dashboards the custom data source is pointing to an oracle server that has been migrated. So it is no longer valid.  

Is it possible to modify the custom data source for pointing to the new db server?

In the GUI, we cannot edit or delete the data source. Recreate a new data source is not an option as we have a lot of dashboards where this data source is used



Release : UIM 20.x

Component : Dashboard Designer


Working as designed. It is not possible to edit datsource via GUI


It is not possible to edit data source via GUI

If the server has changed you will need to create new data sources as there is no supported method for modifying the data source information. 




Additional Information

The datsource information is stored in the OC wasp.cfg:

Here below is an example:

                jdbc_driver = com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver
                name = jdbc/mremoteserver
                jdbc_username = sa
                jdbc_url = jdbc:sqlserver://;DatabaseName=CA_UIM
                jdbc_password = Blmy+8Jngowk+LBX8R5HFJSLA==

It is not supported to do the following, but, you can change the details in the wasp.cfg and restart the wasp.

If the password in the new Oracle system is the same for the user used, you may leave the same encrypted password.

You cannot use a clear password added in the CFG directly.