Upgrade to 20.4 broke previously functional LUA script in nas
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Upgrade to 20.4 broke previously functional LUA script in nas


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I am experiencing an issue with the LUA scripting in 20.4. After the upgrade a script that was working before get a communication error and actually caused the nas probe to crash. It is the failover/failback script for the UMP/OC. I have narrowed it down to the printf statements. If I change them to print statements, it works. If I change them to sprint statements and a subsequent print, it works. If I use printf – there is a communication failure and the script won’t execute. 

Here is the simple script I used to narrow it down to the printf.

wasp_retries = 10
robot_retries = 10
mode = nil
abort = 0

--printf("Retries are: robot - %d; wasp - %d\n",robot_retries,wasp_retries)

myLog = sprintf("Retries are: robot - %d; wasp - %d\n",robot_retries,wasp_retries)

I ran into upgrading the PG&E prod installation yesterday. Upgraded the primary hub and the OC servers. Then stopped the primary hub robot and let it failover to the HA secondary. Same script on the secondary nas worked fine. Upgraded the secondary hub using the installer. Then started up the primary hub so it would failback and ran into the issue. The script would start to run and the nas would crash.

Now both the primary hub and the HA hub are running nas v9.34 – the one that comes with 20.4.

The nas.log showed the nas starting, then the script starting based on the OVERDUE_RULE that executes the script, the script failure with the communication error, then the nas starts again, until max restarts turns it red.


Release : 20.4

Component : UIM NAS 9.34

  • UIM: 20.4
  • Hub: 9.34
  • Robot: 9.34
  • nas: 9.34
  • OS: RHEL 7.x


- defect in nas 9.34


nas v9.34_T (attached) can be used until the HF version is available.


nas-9.34_T-20220114.082501-1_1642190866434.zip get_app