Reporting SECLABEL/DFLTSLBL in Top Secret
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Reporting SECLABEL/DFLTSLBL in Top Secret


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Top Secret


How do you list the SECLABEL/DFLTSLBL on all userid/ACIDs? 


Release : 16.0

Component : Top Secret for z/OS


SECLABEL and DFLTSLBL reside on the BASIC segment in a TSS LIST of an acid.

Issue a TSS LIST(ACIDS) DATA(BASIC) to list out the BASIC segement for all users.

If SECLABL and DFLTSLBL is added to a user, it will appear in the output. Otherwise, no SECLABL and DFLTSLBL will show up in the output.

A TSSCFILE can be used to create a dataset with the TSS LIST(ACIDS) DATA(BASIC) which can be used by a user written reporting program to generate the desired report.