Setup for Load Balancing between SPE instances
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Setup for Load Balancing between SPE instances


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Protection Engine for Cloud Services


Connection from our application server connects out to the F5 VIP but traffic doesn't seem to be passing through to the SPE server.  Is there some setting that has to be made on the F5 or SPE servers for scanning to take place?


Release : 8.2 and later

two SPE servers setup in an F5 Load balancer.


BROADCOM supports the use of DNS round robin for load balancing.

For F5 connection based load balancing recommendations, please consult F5 Networks.

The same applies for all load balancers, please consult the vendor of the load balancer for recommendations.


Additional Information

NOTE: A common misconfiguration of load balancers in front of SPE instances is to load balance each packet rather than to load balance each TCP connection.

NOTE: The Protection Engine API makes use of automatic load balancing. If the Protection Engine servers are behind a single IP, there is no way to perform this load balancing.