Restmon - Facing issue with interface metrics ingestion
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Restmon - Facing issue with interface metrics ingestion


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OI SAAS Tenant.

Facing issue with interface metrics ingestion.

When we were using Restmon-2.1.4 interface metrics worked fine. Now we are using Restmon-2.1.6. Only NodeStats metrics are ingesting to OI SAAS but not interfaceStats.



Release : 20.2

Component : CA DOI RESTMON


The number of interfaces is limited to 6000 in the current schema, whereas Solarwinds has around ~23000 interfaces being monitored.
Interface Caption is used for metrics definition with some special characters in it, which is causing some issues in registering/ingesting the metrics to OI.
Modified the schema as below to address the above issues.

Increased the number of interfaced to 23000 from 6000. With this, all the interfaces are captured. 
Note: This will increase the number of URLs hit against the Solarwinds systems, which might cause failure in some of URLs in some of the runs due to the limitation from Solarwinds. This might cause missing metrics ingestion for that particular polling interval for failed interfaces.

Changed the InterfaceCaption to Name (interfacename alone). 
With the above changes, we could see that the metrics are ingested for almost all the interfaces (verified for a couple of devices, for which the data was missing earlier).