TPX: SMRT Timing parameters zero or blank
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TPX: SMRT Timing parameters zero or blank


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TPX - Session Management


In the SMRT (TPX System Options Table)  can the The 2nd Level User Timeout be blank, what does this mean?

What does a Session Timeout of 0 mean?



Release : 5.4

Component : TPX for z/OS


If the 2nd Level User Timeout in the TPX SMRT is blank or 0, it means there will be no other action after the 1st Level User Timeout condition is met.

For example, if the the 1st Level is 30 minutes with an option of L (Lock), after 30 minutes the users go to a TPX lock screen and will stay in that state.

A Session Timeout of 0 means the sessions will not be terminated through TPX.  However, the applications themselves (TSO, CICS etc) may be configured

    to end after a certain amount of inactivity.

Session Timeout - The number of minutes that TPX waits before terminating an application session that shows no activity.
          Valid values: 0 - 999999