Kibana log parser with space
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Kibana log parser with space


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DX Operational Intelligence


Can we use space to parser log into Kibana?
ERROR  [ultra.harvester.entity.function.AbstractInvokeFunction] (Thread Id 43 ) ultra.core.exception.UltraEmptyContentException: Failure to download content from URL http://IPAddress/lists/real-opl.txt

What we have observed is that the kibana dashboard fails to show this log mostly because somehow it seems that the kibana log parser fails to parse thread id with space in between in the round bracket e.g. (Thread Id 43 ). Once we remove the space between the strings in the round bracket and make it like (ThreadId43), it works. 


Release : 21.3

Component : DX Dashboards


An enhancement requested was already raised in order to have parser with space in Kibana, it will be evaluated and put in our backlog to be deployed soon.

To follow up on the status of this request, please raise a ticket on and refer to this knowledge article in order to get the status.