Missing vmware probe vCenter on UIM Inventory
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Missing vmware probe vCenter on UIM Inventory


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Hi, we have added a new vmware probe and loaded a set of vCenters there.

All vcenters have been discovered, except one. record IS on UIM, but as VirtualMachine Type, not as VCenter which prevents proper discovering and modeling on Spectrum side.

VMWare probe version: 7.16T3
UIM 20.31 (no monthly patch applied)
hub 9.33HF1
robot 9.33HF6
Spectrum OneClick / Spectrum (also known as 20.5)

Configuration Type: Bulk

Missing vCenter: cc-ld9unimgmt-vmsa01


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - VMWARE


Check the Operator Console (OC) and take note of the correct Primary IP for the vCenter that is missing or displayed incorrectly in OC, 10.x.x.x, then run a select * from cm_computer_system where name like '<vcenter_hostname%>' or use the ip field value and list it and note the cs_id value in the query result.

select * from cm_device_attribute where dev_attr_value like '%vCenter_hostname%'

select * from cm_device where dev_id = <devi_id value> # where the role  is displayd as the vCenter. Notice the displayed "Primary Role" which should be vCenter.

Copy the device id (dev_id) from the cm_device table related to the dev_ip or the vCenter.

Select * from cm_device where cs_id= <cs_id value>

Reimport the device based on the correct cs_id using the discovery_server probe utility (via Ctrl-P) callback.




vmware publishes full graphs every 24 hours.

So you wait until 24 hours passes to see if the correct vCenter name and role 'vCenter' is then displayed and doesn't disappear.

In this case, the record was fixed/resolved and now displayed as a vCenter (role) and showing the 10.x IP first in the list of IPs in UIM Inventory.