Install Search Server with a temporary admin user
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Install Search Server with a temporary admin user


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The search server installation is planned on a new server and we have the following concerns:

1. Is it possible to install the search server on the server with a local user?

2. In a few days, the server configuration will be carried out in the client's domain, so the local user will be deactivated and a domain user will be activated.

Would a conflict be created if the local user with whom the first installation was performed was deactivated?


Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - xFlow


What is being proposed should be fine, where one would install Search Server with a local user, remove that user, then stand up a domain user.  

Concerns to consider are:

- Does removing the given local user delete any directories that it had established which Search Server may rely on?  This is something that only the Windows admin can answer.

- Is the Search Server Service being run by that local user or the Local System Account, which is the default for most installations?

Our best advice is to test the implementation of Search Server as you had described it in a non-prod instance before attempting in production.  

Additional Information

To ensure that there are no issues post-install, consider using one of the local admin users on the given server for installing Search Server, which will not be marked for removal or rendered inactive.