SRM polling caused error messages on Huawei devices
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SRM polling caused error messages on Huawei devices


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CA Spectrum


The daily SRM polling on Huawei switches triggers error messages on these devices. The log message says "Failed to log in through SNMP" indicates that SNMP packets are failed to be parsed.

The problem does not seem to be really new, but it was only now recognized when analyzing the syslog messages


the manufacturer Huawei recommends the following

Failed to login through SNMP. (Ip=, Times=2, Reason=the messages was failed to be added to the message list, VPN= )

The rate of SNMP request packets sent by the NMS exceeds the processing capability of the device.

Lower the frequency at which the NMS sends SNMP request packets.


These error messages that we see in the syslog matches the exact time stamp when SRM does its polling and updated in the "last successful poll" timestamp.




Release : 10.4

Component : Report Manager  (SRM)


Huewei devices are not able to handle the polling requests from SRM.


Enable throttling by setting throttling attribute (0x11f79) to yes.

Additional Information

For further information please see the techdoc on how to enable throttling.


How to enable Throttling in Spectrum