Calendar has not yet been (re)calculated.
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Calendar has not yet been (re)calculated.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


Non-recurring events in a CALE object are displaying the message "Calendar has not yet been (re)calculated", and a force save on the CALE object does not resolve the error.


Release : 12.3



There was a CALE object in a stopped client that had non-recurring events of the same name as in the live client CALE object, whose "maintained until" date was a year that was already in the past. 


The calendar events were seeming to reference a calendar that was located in a stopped client, and the events in that calendar all had "maintained until" end dates of the year 2020 (when the client was stopped). The 'maintained until' year was already in the past. All of those end dates were modified to the year 2028. Once this was done, and a force save was done on the other calendar object that was having the problem, the issue was resolved. All recalculations were done as expected.


Additional Information

When the force save on the CALE object was done prior to the "maintained until" date modification, the error message "Validity Period Mismatch" was displayed, which indicated the name of the CALE object. 

In the message console of AWI you could see the U-code error as follows:

U0011882 Cannot calculate calendar: '0009/Calendar.Name/Event.Name', because this calendar depends on a calendar with an invalid status or the referenced calendar does not exist.

The 0009 is the client where this CALE object exists. 

The other way to prevent this would be to delete the CALE object in the stopped client, or in the case that the client is stopped because it is no longer being, or going to be, used - the client can be deleted using the client copy utility. In the case of the customer who was experiencing this problem, the stopped client was never going to be used again, and it could have just been removed/deleted.