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CA Spectrum Model handler list


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CA Spectrum


How to get the list of users for a particular user group through CLI



Release : 10.4

Component : SPCCSS


Usage of CLI commands


Suppose if Users in the environment are as below

Use below CLI commands

Login to CLI
bash -l
cd vnmsh

To get all users use mth=0x10004

./show models mth=0x10004

MHandle     MName                                     MTypeHnd    MTypeName
0x200009f   a1(Active)                                  0x10004              User
0x200009b   t1(Active)                                 0x10004              User
0x2000062   Administrator(Active)            0x10004              User


To get all groups use mth=0x1040a

$ ./show models mth=0x1040a

MHandle     MName                                       MTypeHnd    MTypeName
0x200009c   admins                                       0x1040a     UserGroup
0x2000093   test                                            0x1040a     UserGroup


To get users in a group 
use group model handle (Ex: 0x2000093 is test group model handle)

$ ./show children mh=0x2000093

MHandle     MName                                                         MTypeHnd    MTypeName        Relation
0x200009b   t1                                                                  0x10004           User                 Has_Member
0x200009a   UserGroup-test-61de026e-fd37-100            0x10475       AccessGroup      HasAccessGroup


To get group user part of
use user model handle (Ex: 0x200009b is t1 user model handle)

$ ./show parents mh=0x200009b

MHandle     MName                             MTypeHnd    MTypeName        Relation
0x2000006   Repair                               0x10371     Repair_Entity    Can_Assign
0x2000093   test                                    0x1040a     UserGroup        Has_Member
0x2000017   Operator                           0x10453     LicenseRole      UserRole