CDM alarms for run/user FS even though the filesystem is not monitored in MCS
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CDM alarms for run/user FS even though the filesystem is not monitored in MCS


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are attempting to configure cdm/processes/logmon via MCS using Enhanced versions.  The GUI shows only 4 filing systems to be monitored under DIsk: /, /boot, /home, /opt, BUT getting alarms reporting /run/user/1412341234 is not available.

The filesystem is not monitored in the MCS GUI, however, in cdm.cfg DOES show

<#run#user#0>  <error> active = yes.

Why is an alarm fired if run/user profile is NOT created in MCS


Release : 20.3



Missing filesystem fiilters


The /run filesystem for which the alarm is received is of type "tmpfs" and normally CDM exclude this by default.


Check if "Setup CDM Enhanced" profile, which is normally deployed initially before deploying disk profiles, is deployed for the server for which the alarms is received.

If you don't create a CDM Setup, the default CDM-MC settings are used. The default CDM-MC setting does not have any filesystem ignore enabled by default. 


With manual CDM configuration (non -MC version of CDM) you normally have the "ignore_filesystem" key enabled by default with the default exclusion:

File System Type Filter - /^(?!.*?(tmpfs|nfs|iso9660)).*/ (excludes tempfs partitions, network file systems, and ISO 9660 CD-ROM file systems)

To resolve the issue, deploy Setup CDM (Enhanced) to the robot. The Setup MCS includes the above expression by default. 

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cdm MCS Profile Type Configuration (