Report for CA1 VOLSERS and Storage Class
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Report for CA1 VOLSERS and Storage Class


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CA 1 Flexible Storage


Get a report to find out what Volsers and DSNS are being written to a particular Storage Class.



Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


Only the management class is recorded by default in the TMC file coding the SMS parameter - 

Define SMS Management Classes for Tape Data Sets

Use the SMS parameter to control if CA 1  calls the SMS Subsystem Interface during scratch subpool assignment, scratch subpool verification, TMSCLEAN processing, and open-for-output processing to obtain the SMS Management Class name for the data set being processed.

The hlq.CTAPOPTN(TMOOPTxx) SMS parameter has the following options:

  • YES Enables - CA 1 to record and use an SMS Management Class that the SMS ACS routines assigned.
  • EXT CA 1  obtains the true SMS Management Class during open-for-output processing. If the device is SMS-managed, then CA 1 records and uses the SMS Management Class that the SMS ACS routines assigned. If the device is not SMS-managed and no SMS Management Class is assigned during allocation, CA 1 drives its own call to obtain an SMS Management Class.
  • NO (Default) Disables the option.


The possibility to record the storage class in the TMC file is to define a keyword:

Define Keywords

and the storage class will be updated in the TMC file.

To obtain the report on the volumes -  DSN, VOLUMES, ROBTY, CDATE, SCRATCH... , TMSGRW could be executed.