Job with unique identifier 18742818 not defined to sub-system.
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Job with unique identifier 18742818 not defined to sub-system.


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


A job that was part of a process flow aborted in production. After deleting the process flow following messages are appearing. 

ErrorMsg: AwE-9999 Internal error 
Details: null
java.lang.RuntimeException: Job with unique identifier 12345678 is not defined to sub-system.
 at com.appworx.master.predtester.LocalPredTesterImpl.predecessorChanged(
 at com.appworx.master.predtester.LocalPredTesterImpl.resumePredAnalysis(

How to correct the problem?


Release: 9.3

Component: Applications Manager


Unique identifier errors are generally caused by a memory error that occurs when a job is manually deleted from the database end or from the command line.


There are two tables that would cause the "Job with unique identifier 12345678 is not defined to sub-system" message to appear. In order to take of this problem following steps would be helpful:

Note that JobID 12345678 needs to be replaced with the actual JobID from the error.

1) check the history for JobID:

select count(*) from so_job_history where so_jobid='12345678';

2) check the Backlog for JobID 

select count(*) from so_job_queue where so_jobid='12345678';

3) If there is no record found from the first 2 sql, check to see if it is in the activity table

select count(*) from aw_job_queue_activity where so_jobid='12345678';

4) Depending on which table the record is found, run one or delete statements to remove the record from the table before running the commit:

delete from so_job_history where so_jobid='12345678';
delete from so_job_queue where so_jobid='12345678';
delete from aw_job_queue_activity where so_jobid='12345678';


5) If errors still appear shortly after the change, a restart to Applications Manager may be necessary to flush the JobID out of memory