Installer Failed to Upgrade AdminUI
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Installer Failed to Upgrade AdminUI


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CA Single Sign On Agents (SiteMinder)


The Siteminder r12.8.x  AdminUI installer failed, indicating it could not upgrade the existing version of the AdminUI, even though there was no AdminUI installed on the machine.



Release : 12.8.x

Component : Siteminder AdminUI

Operating System: Linux


The uninstallation of the AdminUI was not clean.  The uninstaller had failed to uninstall the AdminUI, so it was manually deleted at the file system level.  This did not clear out all of the remnants of the previous installation.  The installation was being performed by 'smuser'.  This was the same user that installed the previous instance of the AdminUI.

There is a ".com.zerog.registry.xml" still present as a hidden file on the system.


1) Browse to the users home directory

cd /home/user/smuser

2) List all the files, including hidden files in the /smuser directory

ls -a

3) Delete the .com.zerog.registry.xml file found

rm -R .com.zerog.registry.xml