Incomplete or Partial Service Desk RU installation update
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Incomplete or Partial Service Desk RU installation update


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager CA Service Desk Manager


While installing RU11 on the background server, getting the error “The input file E:/PROGRA~1/CA/SERVIC~1\data\r17_3_10_insert.dat was not found” in the post installation step. 

Verified the r17_3_10_insert.dat is not there.  

Also noticing that the HIS file only contains one entry for the RU11 update:

[Wed Jan 05 09:20:09 20XX] - PTF Wizard installed HYD-617_CUM_C (USRD)

Only the binary component of RU11 was installed.  There should be a "HYD-617_LANGCOMBO" and a "HYD-617_EN_US" entry present.


Release : 17.3



The 17.3 RU installation media was placed in a directory location that contained a space in the directory structure or was a longer directory name. 

Example "C:\17.3 RU11 Installation Media Location" vs "C:\17.3.RU11" (space between "17.3" and "RU11" vs "." character between "17.3" and "RU11")

A more notable example would be a long directory/path location such as "C:\Users\jsmith\Downloads\Broadcom RU Update File Download Installation Media\Roll Up 11"


On each server where RU11 update will be applied:

- Go into the al_cdb_componentinstallstate table and do a SQL query to confirm all 17.3 RU11 content matching for the given server.  This SQL Query would provide such information: 

Select * from al_cdb_componentinstallstate WHERE packageid LIKE '%' and machinename = '<candidate machine>'

- Go into the given server's HIS file and use the command "findstr PTF *.HIS" to validate if 17.3 RU11 is installed (should have EXACTLY three entries that start with HYD-617.

[Wed XXX XX XX:XX:XX 20XX] - PTF Wizard installed HYD-617_CUM_C (USRD)
[Wed XXX XX XX:XX:XX 20XX] - PTF Wizard installed HYD-617_LANGCOMBO (USRD)
[Wed XXX XX XX:XX:XX 20XX] - PTF Wizard installed HYD-617_EN_US (USRD)

- If the HIS examination fails, ie:  only one entry appears for "CUM_C" run the SQL query to set all 17.3 RU11 content matching for the given server to "failed"

update al_cdb_componentinstallstate  set installationstate = 'failed' where packageid LIKE '%' and machinename = '<candidate machine>'

- IMPORTANT:  Create a new directory to contain the 17.3 RU11 installer at the root drive location where the dir structure lacks any spaces.

Ideally, this location should be a short directory, ie:  "c:\17.3RU11"

- backup the HIS file, then edit the HIS file and remove all entries referring the old HYD-617 update attempt.

- Run the 17.3 RU11 installer setup.exe as a admin user

To validate, the HIS file should have the three HYD-617 entries when examining the file.  Can also spot check for file NX_ROOT\data\r17_3_10_insert.dat

Additional Information

In some cases, even after uninstalling the RU and reinstalling, several problems might be found that traced back to inconsistencies with the base installation such as missing files and files with older or unexpected sizes and timestamps.  In such cases it might be beneficial to completely uninstall Service Desk, do a fresh installation of SDM 17.3, then apply the RU patch on top of that. 

Another approach to address such a situation is to download and install a newer RU than the last one currently in place which was not completed.  Since RU patches are cumulative, the latest RU will contain all previous files and any that was not previously updated and would be updated by the latest RU.