NRM_RunningFirmware attribute gets cleared after device reconfiguration
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NRM_RunningFirmware attribute gets cleared after device reconfiguration


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CA Spectrum


We are monitoring the device firmware via Spectrowatch using the attribute NRM_RunningFirmware, however after a device reconfiguration, this attribute gets emptied for a short period of time.
Afterwards, it gets filled in again with the current firmware value.

Because of this behavior the customer gets wrong alerts, since he monitors the firmware version of his network devices.
The problem occurs because the attribute is empty for a short period of time and the customer gets two alerts, The first alert after the attribute is deleted and the second one after it is filled in again.
Even though the firmware version didn't change.

We are able to reproduce this in our lab.


Release : 10.4.x / 21.2.x

Component : Spectrum OneClick


Functioning as Designed, during a device reconfiguration the value will be temporarily blanked out and filled in again. 


As per Engineering we will always flash the Firmware output during a device reconfiguration as this allows us to reread the value and update the attribute after a device firmware upgrade.  This is functioning as designed and the user can place the device into maintenance or use an event rule with sliding window to delay the alarm.