Linux system module error message
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Linux system module error message


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CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM)


System log occurred on linux server
The log was generated in batches at a specific time.
I'll upload some of them
Can you tell me why this log occurred? Is it a log with operational problems?
please answer me
I can't find anything about the log even if I search for it.


Release : 12.8

Component : CA ControlMinder - Unix


We did review Linux kernel sources and the stack dump was generated when there was an issue allocating memory.  We don't think it is related to the SEOS kernel.  It was generated after SEOS had intercepted a delete_module system call and passed the control to the original system call and, as expected, this might be related to Deep Security's bmhook module.  The stack trace in the screenshot showed that SEOS intercepted a delete_module system call.  Once authorized, it went on to call the system's original delete_module call to unload a kernel module, probably bmhook.  When it executed the target module's exit function, bmhook_exit(), it eventually got a slab_err when cleaning up its allocated memory.  Please suggest the customer contact the Deep Security vendor for further review.

Also, upgrade to the latest version of PIM endpoint as it's a good practice to upgrade to the latest build.