Actual Cost Editable on Assignments
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Actual Cost Editable on Assignments


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Clarity PPM SaaS


In assignments, both classic and MUX you can enter a value in actual cost and it saves.  

In Classic Clarity, the field is in the assignment TSV.  In MUX it is on the period metrics on the assignments grid.



1. Create an assignment
2. Configure the TSV fields to include the OOTB field called Actual Cost
3. Save and Return
4. Type a number in one of the TSV Actual Cost Fields
5. Save


1. Go to the assignments tab on a project
2. Make the Per Period Metrics show at least Actual Cost. 
3. Type a number in one of the actual cost cells.
4. Click off the cell

Expected Results:  Actual Cost is removed from the cell

Actual Results:    Actual Cost remains.

Note: This is not ACWP and the assignment actual costs do not update onto the task or project level.  However they can show in the Data Warehouse.





Release : 16.0.0


Reported as DE63686. This is working as designed as any text data type can be editable.


This is resolved in 16.0.1

Please contact Support to run the Posting Repair and Actual Cost Curve Regeneration job to correct tasks where actuals units have been entered and cannot be removed.

Additional Information


Classic in the Assignments Time Scaled Value added 15


In MUX changed 15 to 3