What are ACF2/DB2 SEQ resource TYPE used for?
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What are ACF2/DB2 SEQ resource TYPE used for?


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ACF2 - DB2 Option


Users are getting some errors accessing DB2, the ACFRPTRV report shows the resource TYPE was SEQ.  What is this resource type allows access to in DB2? It is easy to understand what the the normal DB2 tables, plans, packages resources are but not what the SEQ resource TYPE allows a user access to. 


Release : 16.0

Component : ACF2 Option for Db2


'Sequences'(SEQMODE) is one of the DB2 resources which are objects, system privileges, and utilities that must be controlled:

You can use this object to create a sequence of numbers in table data according to the specifications in the sequence definition. Sequences are available beginning with DB2 Version 8.1.

The DB2 OPTS Record SEQMODE field protects sequences. The syntax for the GSO OPTS SEQMODE is:


Additional Information

Additional information on DB2 Sequences can be found in IBM DB2 Sequences. The 'CREATE SEQUENCE statement' is used to create sequences. The 'ALTER SEQUENCE statement' is used to modify the attributes of an existing sequence.