LND Account : FirstName and LastName attribute update not working
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LND Account : FirstName and LastName attribute update not working


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CA Identity Suite


The overall scenario is for the employee change their names, so we have to propagate this name changes to all the accounts that the user holds.

When we try to change the firstname or lastname of the user then it does not work and throws error.

Error : Failed to execute ModifyLotusNotes/DominoAccount. ERROR MESSAGE: Lotus Domino Account 'MoveeThireteen Test /Example' on 'Tryg_Lotus' rename failed: Operation is not implemented,

Note: For Active Directory and SAP Accounts it is working fine.



Release : 14.x

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Name change is only supported from the Provisioning Manager tool

Manual activity is still required to be performed by the endpoint administrator.

The same can be executed via etautil via the following:
1. add 'eTLNDDirectoryName=<LND_DIR_NAME>,eTNamespaceName=Lotus Domino Server' eTLNDAddCert eTLNDAddCertName='<CERT_NAME>' eTLNDAddCertOUName='eTLNDAccountName=<ACCOUNT_NAME>,eTLNDOrganizationName=<ORG_NAME>' eTLNDAddCertIDLocation='<CERT_LOCATION>' eTLNDAddCertSecretOUPwd='<CERT_PWD>' eTLNDAddCertOperation=2;
2. update 'eTLNDOrganizationName=<ORG_NAME>,eTLNDDirectoryName=<LND_DIR_NAME>,eTNamespaceName=Lotus Domino Server,dc=im' eTLNDAccount eTLNDAccountName='<ACCOUNT_NAME>' to eTLNDNewFirstName='<NEW_FIRST_NAME>' eTLNDNewLastName='<NEW_LAST_NAME>' eTLNDAdminp=1;

Here too, the endpoint administrator should complete the change from the endpoint

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