REST API partial update of teams modifies allocation
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REST API partial update of teams modifies allocation


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When using the PATCH operation for a partial object update of teams (/projects/{projectsInternalId}/teams/{teamsInternalId}) using output from the GET operation, the allocation is multiplied by 3600.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new project with one resource in the team (100% allocation, and non-zero hours [e.g.: 2096 hours]).
  2. Note the Project Internal ID and Team Internal ID.
  3. Open the REST API Describe page, and use the REST API to GET a Team (/projects/{projectsInternalId}/teams/{teamsInternalId}) using those IDs as "projectsInternalId" and "teamsInternalId".
  4. From the Response Body, get the "allocationCurve" content and do not modify it.
  5. Use it as the body of the PATCH for the same request URL (enclosing it inside curly brackets { }) and reuse the "projectsInternalId" and "teamsInternalId".
  6. Check Clarity for the new Team values for that resource.

Expected Results: Same values (100% allocation, 2096 hours).

Actual Results: 360000% allocation and 7545600 hours.


This issue has been reported for Clarity 15.9.1.


This issue has been reported to Engineering as DE63725.


This issue has been reviewed by Engineering and fixed in Clarity 16.0.2.