When is a Panvalet ++CONTROL card needed
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When is a Panvalet ++CONTROL card needed


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There is no Installation code set up in the Panvalet PVOPT options but some of the PANLIBs do have a Control code specified on them.

When running some Panvalet jobs like a ++STATUS job to change the Status of a member to Disabled, it runs fine without a ++CONTROL card. 

However, when running other jobs like a ++PRINT 1-UP, it fails with  a PV001 error: 

***** INVALID COMMAND *****                           * ERROR MESSAGE  = PV001 * 


Adding the ++CONTROL card to the job resolves the problem. 


Why do some jobs need a ++CONTROL card and others don't?


Release : 14.6

Component : Panvalet


Panvalet classifies its commands into User commands and  System or Administrator commands. 

As a general rule, the System / Administrator commands such as Delete, Dump, Print, Restore , do require a ++CONTROL card. 
For a complete list of the System / Administrator commands see System Management  in Broadcom Panvalet TechDocs.
The User commands such as Add, Comment, Copy, Level, Lock, Rename, Status, Unlock , do not require a ++CONTROL card.
 -  An exception to this rule, is the System Management PAN#6 ANALYSIS command. A ++CONTROL card is not required for the PAN#6 ANALYSIS.