Known Limitations Of Setting A Rule To Inspect Mode
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Known Limitations Of Setting A Rule To Inspect Mode


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There are some known policy limitations when setting a rule to inspect mode.


When configuring a policy you can attach a download\upload profile that contains match criteria that won’t be enforced due to incompatible configuration thus resulting in a rule that can't take action.  Below are the limitation scenarios.

  1. File type limitation

    Document Isolation will be possible only for the following file types:

  2. Max download \ Max Upload sizes

    The download profile defines the maximum size allowed for a file upload or download. If the file exceeds this size, the configured fail action will be triggered.

  3. Password protected archives are not supported

    Inspecting a document will not allow the needed interaction to provide a password, therefore password protected download will fail.


We are currently working on allowing better and simpler ways to configure the policies and will be releasing the new and improved UI for Web Isolation in several months.