R12 Agent inventory does not show machines /Not working
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R12 Agent inventory does not show machines /Not working


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) Autosys Workload Automation


The WCC agent inventory tab shows data sources OK but does not show the machines.



Autosys 12.x
WCC 12.x


There are several possible solutions to why agents are not showing up in the Agent inventory in WCC.

Solution 1:
The problem is resolved after adding monitoring user in EEM  as_machine policy in Application: WorkloadAutomationAE 
and adding it to the application group   WorkloadAutomationWebservices.

Solution 2:
In EEM configuration change with LDAP to point with BASIC instead of MULTIPLE or FOREST domain.
EEM is returning a user as DOMAIN\USER after login to WCC when configured with MULTIPLE or FOREST LDAP.
But the user is logging into WCC with just USER. That is where when Agent inventory fetches a server list with USER, it does not return any server. 
When we configure LDAP with BASIC, EEM principal name is just USER and WCC login name is also JUST USER, in this case, EEM is returning the server list.

Solution 3:
WCC code needs to be modified to send EEM principal name as a user name to Agent Inventory, previously WCC was sending wcc login name to Agent Inventory.
If we send the principal name from EEM to Agent Inventory before getting the server list, then whatever is configured in EEM with LDAP in any of the 3 options, Agent Inventory will work.
(This fix is available in the latest WCC R12 patch)