Endevor Package Ship PDS to PDSE conversion for COBOL v6.3 upgrade
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Endevor Package Ship PDS to PDSE conversion for COBOL v6.3 upgrade


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Currently, working on upgrading COBOL from v4.2 to COBOL v6.3.
As a pre-requisite for COBOL v6.3 implement, all libraries holding the load modules are required to convert from PDS to PDSE.
In this regard, would like to have Broadcom advice to provide us a formal/standard procedure to convert the Endevor system-level PDS to PDSE libraries.
Also what is the impact on Package Ship - are Endevor skeleton changes required?


Release : 18.0

Component : Endevor Software Change Manager


1. BSTXCOPY is the recommended Endevor utility to copy COBOL load libraries from PDS to PDSE for the COBOL upgrade.
BSTXCOPY provides the same functions as BSTCOPY (including retaining footprint information) but can be executed outside of an Endevor processor.
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2. Package Ship
Package Ship will copy the components from the load PDS/PDSE library to a flat file using BSTCOPY. The AHnnnn files are flat files.
Then the flat file is sent to the remote LPAR and the Components are copied from the flat file to the output component libraries (PDS or PDSE).
If the components (LOADLIB or OBJECT) are PDSE the remote libraries should also be PDSE.
No skeleton changes are required for a PDS to PDSE conversion.
So, in summary for the change to COBOL v6.3, along with changing PDS to PDSE for LOADLIB and OBJECT the same needs to be done for the remote libraries using BSTXCOPY.