Download pre and corequisite fixes for any required maintenance
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Download pre and corequisite fixes for any required maintenance


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We were attempting to apply some required maintenance and on the APPLY CHECK, it is stating that there are some additional requisites, however, when we try to find those requisite PTFs on the support site, they don't show up, so we are unsure how to get the required maintenance. 
How do we obtain the required coreqs and prerequesite fixes for one or more ptfs?   
Required maintenance for Common Services r15.0 CAIENF/CICS rel CICS.V5R6 SO07688 is used as an example


Release : Common Services r15.0

Component : CCS390


Customer needs required maintenance and wants to collect it in one file


Follow these steps to obtain all necessary maintenance for any needed fixes for any product
In order to collect everything you would need (corequisite and prerequisite maintenance) in one file, it will be in a zip file, follow these steps:
       1.   Sign on to the support portal
       2.   From the HOME page, choose MAINFRAME SOFTWARE
       3.   Choose Product Downloads
       4.   Enter the Common Services in the dropdown and click on the name that appears in the grey box below and to the left of the dropdown. 
       5.   Choose Solution Downloads to the right of the default Product Downloads under product name in red at the top. 
       6.   Click the r15.0 in blue on the next display
       7.   Next, the dropdown box offers a number of choices to pull maintenance; one of the choices allows you to enter a fix number.  Enter the fix number SO07688 in the box and click Search in red next to the search box.
       8.   Click on the description of the fix in blue.  This will bring up the one fix you've chosen.
       9.   Add Solution to Cart.  A 1 will appear next to Cart at the top of the page.
      10.  Click on the '1' next to the cart which will result in the display of the actual Solution Download page with the description of the fix.
      11.  Beneath the description of how to obtain a complete package for the maintenance, see a button that moves left to right.  Ensure the button is all the way to the right and the path behind the button is blue.
      12.  Click on checkout.  
      13.  This will create an order in the form of a zip file containing SO07688 and all possible associated maintenance which you can download via the browser (the picture of the cloud to the right) or ftp.