Java Attach on a Statefulset not working as expected
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Java Attach on a Statefulset not working as expected


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UMA Java auto Attach on a Statefulset not working. The application java release is OpenJdk 11.

We have been able to get the java auto attach to work for Deployments  and show up in the list to create services for most of Java apps.  However, in the case of stateful sets it doesn't seem to be working. The guide does not list stateful sets as valid level for the java attach annotation. From the online guide:

Annotate the Kubernetes namespace, deployment, pod, or DaemonSet level.

You perform this configuration by setting the property to true (whitelist) or false (blacklist). You make the configuration at the appropriate Kubernetes level.

Please review the following in APM SAAS online guide.

We did the following test:
Changed from stateful set(updater2-slave) to deployment(neal2-slave) for that application and the java agent worked and we are able to see agent in APM UI. We do not change any other settings like memory allocations, annotations etc. 


Release : 21.3

Component : Introscope


This functionality has been added in the APM release 21.11. We Suggest to use the UMA agent release 21.11 from the agent download. You can also implement the following workaround. Worked around this issue by adding the java attach annotations directly to the pods.