Batch Transformer SYSUT2 OUT-OFF-SPACE error E37-04
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Batch Transformer SYSUT2 OUT-OFF-SPACE error E37-04


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We are having issues with Batch Transformer. We are getting out of space errors E37-04 for output SYSUT2. It seems that the batch transformer does not take into account the SPACE parameter for SYSUT2 and always allocates 1 CYL extend for the output PDSE. For large input files we end up with 123 CYL PDSE and run out of space, as no more extents can be allocated.

For smaller files it works well if the output fits into the 123 CYL limit.

As a workaround we are able to preallocate SYSUT2 dateset in earlier step and successfully run the transformation job for larger files.


I will send output of the transformer failing and successull run (pre-allocating SYSUT2), ESFD2E output, d2eproj used and batch transformer env vars.



Release : 14.0

Component : Spool


Remove the RLSE parameter on the ESFBX2YY DD SYSUT2 allocation