High consumption Module TSSAUTH3 In Top Secret Started Task
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High consumption Module TSSAUTH3 In Top Secret Started Task


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Top Secret


There is an increase in CPU consumption in the Top Secret started task. A performance report by the Freeze-Frame program shows that the consumption is caused by CSECT TSSAUTH3.


Release : 16.0

Component : Top Secret for z/OS


The cause was a job coming from Sailpoint, which normally ran once a day, now starting to run 4 times for day, causing the increase in consumption. (The Sailpoint job was doing a lot of TSS LIST(acid) DATA(EXPIRE,ACIDS) commands.)

Sailpoint has fix FSB0148 which reduces some of the CPU consumption. From their fix:

Summary: REMOVE CONN from IIQ not ignored by AONI 
Description: CTSAONI handles REMOVE CONNECTION commands issued by CTSACS incorrectly. Some of the events are passed to CTSACD for processing, instead of being ignored. This causes high CPU utilization and TSS enqueue problems when many REMOVE CONNECTION requests are issued by IIQ.