UIM - Assign Alarms to Ldap Users on OC Alarm Viewer vs IM Alarm console
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UIM - Assign Alarms to Ldap Users on OC Alarm Viewer vs IM Alarm console


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I'm trying to assign an alarm in OC Alarm viewer to one of my LDAP integrated AD users. 

The LDAP users offered in IM Alarm console > Assing users does not correspond to the list offered in the OC. 

How is this list populated? 

How does it refresh? 

Why I can't find in OC the same user I'm seeing IM?


Release : UIM 20.3 / 20.4 / 20.4 CU1

Component : UIM - OC Alarm Viewer


- Different sort order

- Search is case sensitive


In IM: Assign alarm offers the list of nimbus users in alphabetical order.

The list of users shown is the output of the assign_to_list hub call back, ordered alphabetically. 


(To see the current Assign_to_list you can also execute this query from the hub. This will show the current assign_to_list (but it won't update the list offered until the cache_interval is reached.)



In OC the alarm list does not respect alphabetical order.

 Additionally, the OC alarm viewer built-in assign users search tool is case sensitive - therefore it can result in the administrator wrongly assuming that the LDAP user is not on the list. 

Engineering will enhance the user list in a future release of UIM to order the users in alphabetical order and to eliminate case sensitive search.
This fix is expected to be released in UIM 20.4 CU2 (April 2022)

Additional Information

The information shown in IM when selecting assign is cached in memory locally and the cache refresh is done on intervals and controlled by a hidden key:

cache_interval which default to 900 seconds (15 mins) when not set

This key determines the interval at which assign_to_list and count_of_groups are cached.