BBU disabled; changing WB virtual disks to WT
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BBU disabled; changing WB virtual disks to WT


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Security Analytics


If a problem is detected with the state of the battery stored on any of the internal PERC raid controllers, you may get the error:  BBU disabled; changing WB virtual disks to WT


The onboard battery needs to be reconditioned or replaced.  Performance may be slightly reduced while the battery is in this state, but there is no risk of losing packet data or any other configuration information.


First try to issue a battery learn cycle.  Use the following article for instructions on how to do that: Security Analytics Dell appliance error: "Battery requires reconditioning; please initiate a LEARN cycle;"

If the learn cycle does not solve the issue, generate a Dell TSR log bundle and open a support case.  Most likely the battery will need to be replaced.  See the following article for details on how to generate a Dell TSR:  Using RACADM or iDRAC to generate a Dell TSR