UIM 20.4. NAS RunScriptParallel and pre-process rules
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UIM 20.4. NAS RunScriptParallel and pre-process rules


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This technical document covers additional information related to the new nas functionality available as part of UIM 20.4: RunScriptParallel.


Release : 20.4

Component : UIM NAS


The nas probe can now run multiple Lua scripts concurrently in separate Lua states. This ability optimizes the Lua script execution time, which in turn improves the performance. With this implementation, the Lua script execution no longer causes any performance issues in nas. A new parameter (RunScriptParallel) is available in the nas raw configuration that lets you achieve this behaviour. By default, the parameter is disabled to maintain backward compatibility. When you enable the parameter, nas executes Lua scripts simultaneously in different Lua states.

Note: If you enable this functionality, then ensure that your Lua scripts are not using the shared resources.

Concurrent Execution of Lua Scripts in nas

The parallel processing of lua script option is only for those scripts which are completely independent, and should not have any resource dependency on any resource from other scripts.
independent scripts like running ping command, sending a mail, closing an alarm etc

If there is any dependency of a script on any resource of another script or any two scripts accessing the same db instances should not use this option.

Scripts will be run in parallel not the profile condition or action. two messages can't be updated using this option.

Note: This feature is also valid for pre-processing scripts.  

Additional Information

This information will be included in the NAS probe documentation.